Officers (2017 - 2019 seasons)

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The officers of the Rock River Officials Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assignment Chairman, Media Relations / Web-Master and two (2) At-Large members.  The elected officers will elect one of the active board members as the IHSA contact person.  This person cannot be the Assignment Chairman.  The officers shall be elected to a two (2) year term.  The election of officers shall be held at the first general membership meeting in August starting in 1999 and every 2 years thereafter.  To be eligible to hold office a member must meet the criteria in Article IX – Section V.


The Assignment Chairperson may select assistants for any sport season with the majority of the officers’ approval.


President (Ken Wilcoxen)

The President shall preside at all meetings of the RROA and shall appoint committees and shall be an ex-officio of all committees with the exception of the nominating committee.  The President shall have a general supervision of all matters pertaining to the RROA.

Vice-President (Chris Breitbach)

The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the event that the President is not present or is unable to perform the duties.

Secretary (Dave Trueblood)

The Secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings and furnish the President with a copy.  The Secretary shall maintain and record all correspondence with and for the RROA.  This person shall be responsible for maintaining the membership roster of the RROA and its distribution to the other officers and school officials as necessary.  The Secretary should also be in contact with the Media Relations / Web-Master so minutes and other announcements can be posted on the Website in a timely fashion.

Treasurer (John Kereven)

The Treasurer shall record all transactions and maintain the financial records of the Organization.  All funds are to be deposited in a bank in the name of the Rock River Officials Association.  All disbursements shall be by check.  The Treasurer will collect all dues and have a current list of the membership available.  Conduct an annual audit with a person appointed by the current President within 60 days of the first meeting of the fiscal year. This report shall then be given to the President for presentation to the Secretary and the whole membership.

Assignment Chairperson (Jim Kalina)

The Assignment Chairperson shall be responsible for maintaining a working relationship with the schools and other organizations, which conduct or sponsor sporting events in the solicitation of athletic contests for the membership to officiate.  The Assignment Chairperson shall use discretion and equalization in obtaining qualified officials for the various events, and shall have the final say in those assignments. 

Media Relations / Web-Master (vacant / open)

Media Relations / Web-Master representative shall promote the affairs of the RROA and maintain relations with the newspaper, radio, television, other associations, as well as, other forms of media.  Meeting dates, clinics and other pertinent information on members and the organization shall be disseminated to the necessary media organizations in support of the RROA.The Media Relations / Web-Master shall also work in conjunction with all of the officers and especially the Secretary in posting announcements and past minutes of meetings. This person shall also keep up to date the website and have the ability to post photos, announcements and special events that affect the membership of the Association. The Media Relations / Web-Master shall choose an assistant that has access to, and can make changes to the Association Website. The assistant shall be approved by the officers.

At Large #1  (Gary Taylor)

At Large #2  (Brad Ebersole)



The officers of the RROA shall have general management of the affairs of the association not covered by the by-laws.  They have charge of the collection and safekeeping of documents and other items of interest belonging to the RROA.


Office Expenses - Any expenses beyond the normal operating shall be approved in advance by the membership.  Normal operating expenses shall be limited to postage, education and miscellaneous supplies.  Normal operating expenses must not exceed Two Hundred U.S. Dollars ($200) per expense.  A receipt must be submitted to the Treasurer and justified by the RROA officers for a check reimbursement.


Vacancies Of An Office - The President of the RROA shall have the power to fill any vacancy occurring within its own body except that of the President.

The IHSA contact is Dave Trueblood, Secretary.