Member Responsibilities

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I.     It is the responsibility of each member, to honor each contract they sign or electronically accept.  They are to be at each contest on time.


II.   There shall be a committee to oversee that the responsibilities of contracts are being carried out.  This committee will consist of all of the RROA officers.


III.  If the committee sees the need, they may pick one of their members to talk to a member who violates this responsibility.  This person is the only one who shall talk to this member about this matter.

IV.  If the member violates the by-law a second time, the member will not receive game assignments above the freshman level for a period of one (1) year.  If this happens a third time, the RROA members will be asked to vote on a recommendation from the committee on a final consequence.

V.    Members shall attend at least 50% of general membership meetings and 50% of the regular meetings in the sport, which they are licensed to officiate, in order to be a “member in good standing” and be eligible for the following:

  1. Hold an elected RROA officer’s position.
  2. Vote or be voted for any IHSA lists, Top15, etc., within the sport they officiate.  Clinics, physical training sessions and/or other sponsored RROA events may be counted towards meeting attendance records.
 VI.  Member must notify the RROA Secretary, in writing, of any clinic or physical training sessions which is to be credited for attendance.  RROA sponsored events will be documented without need of written notice.

VII.  If a new member from a different area and/or a physical personal condition exist of a member; said member must request, in writing to the RROA Board, to be appointed member in good standing.