Mentoring and Recruiting Programs

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The Assignment Chairman will make every attempt to assign an experienced official with a new (less than 3 years) official when assigning lower level games.  All experienced members should make themselves available to do scrimmages and lower level games so mentoring can be performed during this time. 


Experienced officials should make themselves available to go to lower level games to observe and evaluate new officials.  Senior certified officials should fill out evaluation forms.  They should discuss observations with the new official and give them a copy of the written evaluation.  A copy of the written evaluation should be given to the RROA Assignment Chairman for reference in assigning further games.  Forms can be obtained from any RROA officer or at any RROA meeting. 


It is the responsibility of the RROA membership to actively recruit new officials.  The RROA has a recruiting display that is maintained and updated annually.  The display’s information can be converted per specific location/sport of use.  The display will be used by the association membership at a minimum of four (4) times per year.  If it is not being utilized, the RROA officers will make a request for a raise in dues to help defray costs of doing professional recruitment.